We cannot live peaceful and joyful lives until we accept that we are responsible for our ALL of our choices. This must be done with self-love and self-compassion. There is no need to judge ourselves as we experience what we do and our "mistakes" are the way we learn. It's that simple. If we continue to make "mistakes" it means we are not ready to look at it or perhaps we are stuck in victim mentality, believing others are doing something to us. 

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100% Responsibility - Familial/Romantic/Work/Friendship Relationships

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Stephanie Kato
Stephanie Kato
Metaphysical Intuitive

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Stephanie Kato

            Stephanie Kato has been a Colon Hydrotherapist and Lymphologist since 1996 (and most recently a CranioSacral therapist as well). She feels blessed to have worked at many different colon hydrotherapy clinics over the years, including The Allred Technique with Connie Allred (the woman who founded the International Association of Colon Hydrotherapy and was instrumental in making colonics what they are today).

            During her 21 years as a practicing therapist, Stephanie created a style of healing combining metaphysics and cleansing. As a result, Iyasu (which means “to heal” in Japanese) was born on March 8, 2015. Should a client wish to engage in a Metaphysical Colonic, Stephanie encourages him/her to share emotional experiences of stress and disharmony in their lives as they physically release. As they do, an amazing thing happens - the client feels relief (emotionally and physically) and they start to connect how their physical body holds onto emotional issues in a way that may be creating dysfunction and illness within them.

            Stephanie recognizes true healing can only come from the individual, and works with clients by showing them how to shift their mental, emotional, and spiritual perspectives with the intention of healing their body.

            Stephanie considers it a great honor to serve each client and believes that what occurs in the healing rooms of Iyasu is very deep and sacred work.

Stephanie has written two books that are available on her website –

Embracing Love by Letting Go: A Metaphysical Cleanse

Embracing Life by Letting Go: A Guide for Therapists

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